Programmes at the Scandinavian Studies Section

BA in Scandinavian Studies

The education in the Bachelor’s Degree Programme of Scandinavian Studies comprises eight semesters and is not offered in the form of distance education. Upon graduation the students get a Bachelor’s degree and there is no extra-mural form of education. The curriculum includes theoretical disciplines, common for all philology studies as well as theoretical and practical disciplines which are closely related to the languages, cultures and literature of the Nordic countries. The academic staff includes highly qualified Bulgarian lecturers and guest lecturers from the Nordic countries. The Swedish Institute, Diku – the Norwegian Agency for International Cooperation and Quality Enhancement in Higher Education and the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Culture sustain regular lectureships in Swedish, Norwegian and Danish.

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MA in Language, Culture and Translation (for Scandinavian Studies Graduates)

Since 2012, a MA programme in Scandinavian Studies (Language, Culture and Translation) has been offered to the students who already have a bachelor’s degree in Scandinavian Studies.

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MA in Nordic Studies (for non-Scandinavian Studies Graduates)

Since the academic year 2004/2005, the Scandinavian Studies Section offers the Nordic Studies MA programme, aimed at bachelors in various subjects. During its three semesters the students acquire detailed and solid knowledge about the history, society, economy, culture and the national character of the Nordic countries. Studying a Scandinavian language is an important part of the curriculum.

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